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About Jumeirah

The residential community of Jumeirah 1, together with Jumeirah 2 and Jumeirah 3, is part of the old district of Jumeirah and has been a highly popular area to reside in for western expatriates working in the UAE over the last 60 years. Historically, this area was occupied by Arabs who were either fishermen, traders or pearl divers. Since the 1960’s, Jumeirah has grown steadily and has become a rather prospective place to live and rent. Since 1995 and the expansion of the emirate, Dubai has shown significant growth in housing developments across the city.

The neighbourhood is known as the ‘Beverly Hills of Dubai’, and is one of the most expensive and exclusive communities in the city. A lot of homeowners and investors prefer Jumeirah 1, as it gives the opportunity to choose from hundreds of luxury townhouses, villas and apartments. Jumeirah 1 is a secluded and private residential neighbourhood, but at the same time, is a busy and vibrant community with a beautiful beachside and coastal area that is known for a range of various leisure activities as well.

The whole west area of Jumeirah is bordered by the commercial seaport of Rashid and Dubai Marina Beach Resort & SPA. In the east, the area is bordered by the Oasis desalination plant on one side and Jumeirah Beach Residence, also known as JBR on the other. The northern part of Jumeirah runs along the coast of the Persian Gulf. Jumeirah 1 features one of the best beaches in Dubai, known as Jumeirah Beach, which makes Jumeirah a busy tourist hub and an attractive place for investors as well. This means, even projects which are located relatively far from the area, yet carry the name of ‘Jumeirah’ as a part of their branding, such as Hilton Jumeirah or Sheraton Jumeirah, still have a roaring trade due to the portrayal of the area.

Tourists prefer this district due to its modern infrastructure, recreation facilities and entertainment, premium dining venues, high-end retail spots and luxury 5-star hotels. The whole area of Jumeirah is known for having the highest concentration of hotels in Dubai, including the iconic Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Arabian Resort and many others. The famous artificial island; Palm Jumeirah, made famous by the Atlantis Hotel, is also adjacent to Jumeirah 1.

Jumeirah 1, similar to the other parts of Jumeirah, houses mainly low-rise residential buildings, unlike multiple other areas of Dubai with countless high-rise towers and skyscrapers spread across the city. There are large detached villas, as well as smaller townhouses which are built in various architectural styles including both contemporary and traditional Arabic designs. All developments in Jumeirah 1 have been constructed using the highest quality materials and many homes come with a wide range of facilities, which include steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools and allocated parking spaces, either at the front of the house or behind. The open-plan indoor living layouts, together with high ceilings provide as much light and space as possible. Most of the residential developments in Jumeirah 1 offer a temperature-controlled pool and remote-controlled blinds. Landlords seem to be fairly flexible when allowing tenants to customize homes according to their individual needs and preferences. Each type of residence unit includes multiple parking options, such as private garages, car porches and basement parking facilities.

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